You Were On The Cross

You can’t have resurrection without the cross. 

You can’t have a marriage without being willing to die to yourself. To be a good parent, die to yourself. 

It’s really our suffering that brings us together. Although we suffer, we experience the grace of God. We live in a time where people are hurting.

They have real questions – and more and more we hear the question of “Where is God?” Where is God in divorce? Where is God in disease? Where is God in illness? Where is God in hunger? Human trafficking? Where is your God in this? 

The answer is actually really simple – He is on the cross.

There was no other way but for Him to take all of our sin – and the effects of our sin – and nail it to the cross. In every stage of life and the human experience, there is the One who understands what we are going through.

We are not alone and suffering is not some sort of vague part of life but rather in the midst of it, we gain a greater understanding of what Christ did for us – No matter how dark things may seem, no matter how difficult things may seem. 

It does not matter how dark your situation is, God Himself has been there and as you grieve it and mourn it, you can find consolation in Him because He was there.

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