You Are a Blessing

Psalm 127:3 Children are a gift from the Lord; they are a reward from him.

Every child is a born star,
Some sparkle near and some twinkle from far.
Some are good with numbers and formulae, 
Some excellent dramatics and some in writing essays.

All are bright and energetic,
We all just need to be pragmatic.
Let us not push them to fulfill our dreams,
Let us not compel them to cry and scream.

Whatever they do they will surely succeed,
We need to trust their upbringing and efforts indeed.
They all cannot become doctors and engineers,
But all are designed to excel in their own ventures.

Some may not be able to spell the words,
Some may not be able to name the birds.
We just need to hold and support them,
We just need to be always beside them.

They may slip, they may fall,
They may err, they may stall.
Maybe a fuss, just a little nudge.
We may be restless, but let’s not judge.

It’s not about the race they need to win,
It’s not about the pace or the spin.
In the end, there’s enough space for them to grow.
There will always a spotlight for every child’s show.

Every child is a born star,
Some cheer from near, some smile from far,
We just need to have faith in them,
We just need to water their roots and stem.

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