Value Creation

So many of us hold and have a bunch of keys to so many objects of value to us like house key, car key, office key, key to safe box etc.

No matter how big or strong a door is, it’s always obedient unto a key.

That idea, that concept, that relationship of yours, etc. will only stand and open up if only you are equipped with enough knowledge.

The amount of energy Christians invest in creation care should depend on the value of the created order. Understanding how God values his creation should be at the heart of a Christian vision for environmental ethics. Scripture reveals that creation has more than instrumental value; it has a purpose other than simply supporting human life.

But attempts at assigning intrinsic value to creation have a tendency to lead to indecision in important ethical questions and even nature worship in extreme cases.

Instead of intrinsic value and besides instrumental value, creation has inherent value, which is the value that is determined by its proper relationship to the value giver, according to how well it fulfills its purpose.

Creation’s inherent value is maximized when it fulfills the purpose for which it was created.

Knowledge has always been an integral part of corporate strategies

When knowledge is gotten value is created. Knowledge is key to value creation. Get knowledge!

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