The Jesus I know (Part 1)

God created man to dominate every living thing here on earth. Despite human dominion, the difference in race and ethnicity makes it impossible for humanity to have one thought or belief (Genesis 11:4-9) however, every religion in the world believed that there is “ONE” supernatural being which is mostly called GOD.

Having this in mind, people worship to praise and appease GOD through their gods. A typical example is a god in Yoruba Land (Nigeria) called “Sango” the god of fire and thunder. The worshipers of Sango believed in his powers to help them in their daily quest and at the same time, Yorubas reference “Oosa Oke” i.e. heavenly GOD to accept and grant their requests.

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Sango, The god of thunder

With the numbers of gods that are worshiped all over the world, there is ONE that some people know while some have heard about Him, his name is JESUS. The question is: who is Jesus? Jesus to individuals can be different because what I know Jesus to be may differ from what you know Jesus to be.

Some refer to Jesus to be the son of Mary, some refer him to be a prophet, some refer to him to be a Jewish man whose story was told to people while some see Jesus as “THE SAVIOUR”.
“I know Jesus as an 8-year-old boy to be a saviour when he rescued me from DROWNING”. I and my friends went to the riverside to play, but there is a particular place that has more water and I saw an adult man swimming on top of the water, so I decided to do the same by going to where he left, and I got to a point, my legs could not touch the depth of the river again, and I started sinking, the experience was a terrible one because I thought I’ll die in that river, the water rose from my waist to my neck and the next thing is to cover my head and sank.

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As a child I’ve thought many things within that short period but “I remembered something” which I was thought in the children church I attended then, that “Jesus is the SAVIOUR” because I’ve believed this before, so I called “JESUS” and Immediately something push out of the river and up till now I cannot explain what push me than Jesus. Ever since then I’ve believed Him the more.

Boy drowns in the water in the pool or the sea and calls for help

Many heard about Jesus but didn’t know him while many who claim to know him don’t actually know him (John 10:14). Jesus is the Way, the Truth, and the Life “any other way is no way”. It is another opportunity to accept Jesus as the SAVIOUR, and he shall bring you out of every problem that comes your way (John 14:18).

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