GOD WHEN? Why not leave it?

“Some trust in chariots, others in horses, but we trust in the name of the Lord”.

But why do we still ask this question often, like those that don’t trust in God? Trusting a man is trusting his lies and truths, his yes and no, his agreement and disagreement, his idea, opinion, and suggestion.

Trusting an entity is agreeing with him when he is swift and when he is slow; when this entity is wrong, we say he is right. Most importantly, trusting God, the supreme entity is relying solely on His decisions and timing for our lives.

If they could express themselves in an understandable language, every machine would want to function worldwide, but not as much as the manufacturer of the machine wants it to. We can’t know ourselves more than the one that formed us. We can’t want the best for us more than the being that manufactured us.

He has the perfect timing for all because before He formed, He fore-planned.

It’s absolutely sure that humans can’t love themselves more than the king that breathe life in them and gave His own life up. We can’t sufficiently have an eagerness to succeed more than how God constantly, relentlessly crave for our success. He has the perfect timing for all because before He formed, He fore-planned. He has a purpose for every machine he manufactured.

He knows all Things!

He knows all, from the beginning to the end. It’s very easy to say “from the beginning to the end” without the proper understanding of what it actually is. We always think we have it all figured out. Believe it or not, despite our splendid development in technology, it’s impossible to accurately know the population of the human on earth.

We also can’t accurately know the time the earth started existing, neither can our amazing development tell us when the world would end. Let take a moment out of the world and put attention on our lives individually, knowing exactly when we came to earth is impossible except we are told, then who are we to say its time for this or that in our lives. WHY NOT LEAVE IT. Drop the thought of when this will be that, and when that will become those. Don’t ache your head on WHEN or HOW. You are not your manufacturer, instead, let cling to the manufacturer, and patiently watch and give Him some applaud for the process.

Trust God. Yes, you are right, for a human with effective five senses, trusting can be very hard. It takes trust to let another man lead the way, for a man with sight. But if there was no need to trust Him, He wouldn’t say that. Asking Him ‘when’ a sign that we do not trust his timing. Asking ‘why’ shows that we do not trust his decisions and actions. God knows what’s best and does what’s best at the best time.

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