If the dead can advise the living

I woke up this morning with an unusual meditation, death alarming questions erupting from my meditation. Questions like, why are men afraid of death? If you know when you will die, what is that one thing you will focus on, what is that one thing you will want to achieve? Why are we not always happy about the sound of death?

While lost in my meditation, I ponder on few martyrs that died in faith; their view of death and their last sentence on earth, men like Stephen, Peter, John, Paul, Jesus, just to mention a few, felt so cool about death, felt so ready about it and top-notch felt completely fulfilled, more than the greater joy and peace that awaits them in the afterlife they felt YES I am fulfilled through their departure was excruciatingly painful, most of them were persecuted thus they have no reason to hold unto this world.

 I wonder about their experiences; these people who enjoyed Jesus Christ for a while, not all have access to what we have as an inheritance in faith today, then Journey with the lord without doubt,  without shelter, without work and defended, protected the gospel so much with their lives forsaken their families just to hand over the good news to us, yet we received the good news that martyrs wept, pained to protect with a levity hand.

Only if the DEAD can advise the Living

This brings me back to the question, WHY ARE WE AFRAID OF DEATH? The reason is not only because we are not saved thus afraid of going to hell, but neither is also the reason not only because we are saved and going to heaven.

The above two is a genuine factor among others. But this is the fear of men even when he/she is saved.
The knowledge of destiny is overwhelming, thus knowing fully well you have not fulfilled your reason for living births the fear of death (this is for those that know their destiny) and greater fear gloom the heart of those that are yet to discover their destiny, Thus MEN DON’T WANT TO DIE.

The greatest reason a man wants to hold onto this world is that such a man is not yet fulfilled.

There is a cup that can’t pass over you if you must be fulfilled, it’s the cup of Destiny.

Their advice won’t only focus on “ensure you don’t miss heaven” but may focus more on LIVING A FULFILLED LIFE here on earth.

Action Piont

1. Repent and be born again.

Believe in your heart that Jesus came to earth and died for the sins of the world, pray to God in his name to wash you clean of all unrighteousness and open your mouth and confess “Jesus is my Lord and savior” from today I am a new creature.

3. Seek Knowledge.

Man’s Identity is God’s responsibility, seek to know God for yourself through prayers and study of his word, in his word you will discover your destiny.

2. Join a Bible Believing Church.

Find a bible believing church and actively worship with the fold of Christ Jesus, there, prioritize your spiritual growth. When you attend a Bible-believing church, your faith is strengthened and you grow spiritually. God is interested in your spiritual growth.

4. Practice the Word

Don’t just be a hearer of God’s word, be an addicted doer of his word.

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