Kilobosh is a gospel platform that is out to redefine what the message of the cross is all about. The message of the cross is simple. It’s the good news! It about a loving God caring for His creature. It is a call to return to God through Jesus.

We believe the reason God provides us with enormous resources and technology is to broadcast His idea to the entire universe.

And interestingly, that is what KILOBOSH is out to do!

The journey began about five years back when a group of young men felt the need to reach the entire universe with the message of salvation.

We, through the help of the Holy Spirit, decided that we are going to take over the music, cyberspace, creative content space, and social media space for JESUS.

We also decide to reach the entire world with the love of Jesus, which actually birthed our annual Kilobosh love xtended program.

We are determined to reach help Christians be better Christian through their personal devotion to God, also we provide quality materials that enhance their relationship with God.

2018, we went on the street of Ilorin to showcase the message of salvation to the entire world. Not only that, we believed that solving community problems is one of the best ways to reach people with the message of the cross. And that we do by providing afternoon meals to the needy on the street while we preach the gospel.

2019, we expand our tentacle to Lagos; we went to a remote village in Lagos and we distribute unique items to them while we preach the gospel to them too.

2020, we use the power of technology to reach a million through all our social media platforms. We encourage our members to only use the messages of salvation on their status on our outreach day, 26th December of every year.

Kilobosh, we major on what matters!