Our Monthly Theme: VISION WITH FOCUS

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✅ Do you want to make a difference❓

 ✅ Do you want to put smiles on the faces of the less privileged on street❓

✅ Do you want to impact lives and show the love of Jesus to the dying world❓

Then become a Volunteer today for KILOBOSH LOVE XTENDED OUTREACH.

KILOBOSH LOVE XTENDED OUTREACH is First of its kind outreach powered by KILOBOSH ( a team determined to major on  what matter in this confused world) focused on helping less priviledged on our street thrive as we donate food supplies, devotional books, counseling, Bible’s & share Inspiring words & quotes through placards display  on the street. If you’ve ever wanted to lead a movement & make a lasting impact in the lives of the less privileged in your country, this is your chance.

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