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Daily Devotionals

You having a cordial and a consistent fellowship with your maker is one of our topmost Mandate.


We have monthly themes and we invite seasoned God's servants to teach every Sunday 7-9pm.


We encourage ourselves to wait on God. we abstained from food, water and distrations and seek the face of the lord Jesus.

What else we provide?


Every 26th December, The entire KILOBOSH team celebrate the love of Christ in a unique way by preaching the gospel through community services. Our last year boxing day was on the street.

Healthy Body Healthy Spirit

We believe that the easiest way to grow and build a lasting relationship with God is to build godly habits. One of such is being consistent in the things of the spirit and also proper care for our body. KILOBOSH usually feature 21 days program that encourage godly habit formation and also consistent relationship with God through declaration and meditation.


We stand for what true music should be. We filter out the pollution in our music industry. We believe our God is the source of inspiration and therefore, we feature music that edifies and enhance our connection with God.

Do you want to...

Cultivate a consistent relationship with your maker?

Become a volunteer for any of our programs?

Our team


Our Core Believe

Enough of being churchy...It is high time believer focus on their relationship with God. As much as it is important to fellowship with other believers, we must also understand that we as an individual is also a Church!

Daily Fellowship
Connect daily with God! Key to your spritual life

Our music has been polluted today and the devil is using it as a tool to redefine our culture and lifestyle. KILOBOSH belive in burning pure incense to God. We create the consciousness about what believes listen to

Our Music Life
What you listen to affect your thought life

KILOBOSH, we believe that if we can form godly habits, habits that enable us to walk in the ways of God, our fellowship with God becomes automatic. 

Our Habits
Our Mind is key to living a balanced life

Who we are

We are vibrant young guys determined not to focus on the irrelevancies of life. We focus our energy on reaching the entire world with the gospel of Jesus Christ. We believe Church should be the voice of God in this end time rather than being the voice of individuals or interest of a group of People.

Enough of protecting our own interests, we need to start protecting the interest of God in all we do. We need to focus on what the body of Christ represent than focusing on what divide and scatter us.

  • We are one Body, Though we are many
  • We are all one fold with one shepherd
  • We are all chasing after only one and the same Goal


About us

kilobosh is a gospel Platform the Lord is using in this end time to bring solidarity, unity in faith, maturity and balance in the body of Christ Jesus. 

Our tagline is Major on what matters. In summary what ever matters to our creators should be what we should focus on. We are the sons and daughters of the most High God, so we are the light of the world, that is what Kilobosh believe and it’s not possible to light a candle and put it under the lamp stand. We are taking the the light of God to the entire world through this platform.

We believe in focus and consistency.

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